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Dog walking/pet sitting and equine care


This visit will include:


  • A walk or arranged form of exercise specific to your dogs individual requirements.
  • The walk can include woods, parks, fields, roads etc making the outing as enjoyable, safe and stimulating as possible.
  • We will feed your dog and any dietary requirements will be followed. Bowls cleaned after and fresh water provided.
  • General grooming can be carried out.
  • Medication can be given by veterinary approval.
  • Strokes, handling, playing and lots of attention given.
  • All dogs can be given basic training and socialisation by your request.


All materials and apparatus will need to be provided by yourself to ensure consistency and comfort for your pet.


Whilst you are away we can close curtains, turn lights on and off, collect mail, water plants, empty rubbish, bring in milk and make sure your home is secure for your peace of mind.


We also offer a safe and reliable dog taxi service for clients who can not attend vet appointments, animal grooming appointments or visits to family or friends. Whatever your circumstances we are here to help. Charges will be dependant upon mileage and time.


For more information please email or call 01484 523962 & 07513533574